DEAR READERS: a brief letter from your loving editors

Dear Reader,

This whole thing began as a bad idea floated between friendly writers in the back room of a bar, and our hearts still lie in enjoying good literature and laughs with other people who choose to write hard, love their scenes, and who want to do their best, even if no one is quite sure about what’s going to happen next. 

Barrelhouse is a non-profit literary organization consisting of pop culture obsessed oddballs who like to hang out in the corner. We started in 2004 as a literary magazine that sought to bridge the gap between high-brow literary tastes and the mid-brow appreciation of daily joys like good music, bad television and a decent hot dog. Barrelhouse is a fever dream populated by a passionate squad of volunteers who do a lot of things: we’re a print and online literary magazine, a small press bringing good books and chapbooks into the world, an organizer of cool literary events, and curators of this lovely website.

Please be our weird internet friends. Enjoy.

the whole heckin' team



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Come hang out with your barrelfam. We have a twice-yearly conference with breakout sessions and editor speed-dating; workshops led by folks like our own Dave Housley and Sheila Squillante, and by amazing guests like Sandra Beasley and Mike Young; we even have an adult summer camp where you can write, get one-on-one editor feedback, and hang with other writers in the PA countryside.

For emerging literary organizations: check out our yearly Amplifier grant info.

Also, because we're Barrelhouse and we've got our priorities in order: THE SWAYZE QUESTION

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