Eric Freeze


by Eric Freeze


Gamma Ray Exposure 

Actual Result:  Headache, shortness of breath, stiffness in joints, liver damage, loose stool, impotence. 

Comic Book Result:  increased size and strength, greenish hue to skin 


Cosmic Ray Bombardment 

Actual Result:  Headache, nausea, seborrheic dermatitis, severe skin irritability and occasional lesions, melanoma, poor circulation, overbite, impotence, testicular fusion, sterility.  

Comic Book Result:  invisibility, rock-like skin, stretchy torso, combustibility.  


Radioactive Insect Bite  

Actual Result:  swelling, pus discharge, incontinence, forgetfulness, shriveling of and/or potential loss of penis (males); Lyme disease  

Comic Book Result:  increased strength and agility, thematically-relevant powers, depending on type of insect  


Robotic Arm Mishap (Laboratory-Related)  

Actual Result:  dandruff, sleep apnea, paranoia, some blood in stool, resentment, vaginal dryness (women)  

Comic Book Result:  robotic arms fused to body, megalomania, madness 


Toxic Waste Spill (On Child)  

Actual Result:  itching, marked drowsiness, impotence (may not notice effects until puberty is reached)  

Comic Book Result:  Blindness, super hearing and balance, increased aptitude in legal profession  


Botched Experiment in Creating a Super Soldier (Laboratory-Related)  

Actual Result:  bedwetting, brittle fingernails, scaling in ears, vertigo, constipation  

Comic Book Result:  super strength, blurring of moral boundaries, temper outbursts, meandering ambition, cackle 


Botched Experiment in Regeneration of Limbs Through Reptile-Based Serum (Laboratory-Related)  

Actual Result: eczema, diarrhea, depression, feelings of loneliness  

Comic Book Result:  transformation into reptile, favorable disposition toward evil