A Tribute to Anthony Bourdain


By Mariah Quintanilla

anthony quote on green text full page-final.jpg

Mariah Quintanilla is a freelance illustrator based in the magical forests of Northern California. After a brief stint in journalism, she discovered that she could transform her passion for art into storytelling by illustrating for publication. Mariah’s work is at times bold and gritty, blending intricate pen drawings with a pop of digital color. Detail drives her creative process, yet she continually strives to resists perfectionist tendencies. In an age of endless scrolling, if her art can make someone pause for even a second, she’s accomplished what she had set out to do. When she’s not making art, she is usually picking up after her “spirited” puppy, Coco. Give her a shout on Instagram @mariah_quintanilla or on her website www.mariahquintanilla.com.