Psssst: From the Editors

Hey. You with the face. Can you keep a secret?

As it turns out, we can’t. 

This Barrelhouse issue was produced by seven secret Susquehanna agents in the Literary Journalism Publishing and Editing Practicum class with the help of BarrelHouse editor Dave Housley. We have worked together nonstop to get this issue up and out in just seven weeks. How we did it will remain our secret. 

During this process we learned all about your secrets big and small: murder, ostracism, masked identities, Tony the Tiger, anti-war protest, and secrets so dark it has taken years for them to come to the surface. There are drugs, doors, and affairs in plain sight. 

Ride along with the characters and narrators in these pieces, dive deep, and remember, we’re watching. Always watching. So grab a hearty bowl of Frosted Flakes and get ready to join the Good Boy Club, because this issue has something in it for everyone.

But you didn't hear it from us.

With Love from your Secret Admirers,

Molly Aiudi, Nicole Brintzenhoff, Kayla Bush, Chris Doulis, Sarah Lopez, Josh Mercier, and Brianna Murphy