Closing the Books on 2014

We've been taking some time to look back on 2014 to see what we did, how we did, and how we might do better. Overall, we're pretty happy with how it all turned out.

In 2014, we started paying contributors, which was a goal of our since the beginning. We've also continued to support the literary ecosystem by providing opportunities for other literary magazines and small presses to not only get known by our audience, but also to earn some money while they're at it.

You can now find Barrelhouse in more places than ever thanks to our distributors and we continue to see strong online sales.

We've made great strides over the last few years in terms of diversity and inclusion, though we hope to only get better in this area. 

Celebrating our ten year anniversary gave some really nice people a chance to say really nice things about us, for which we're very grateful.

And finally, the work just keeps getting better. More and more we're getting submissions for the magazine and books that are truely top tier. We're glad so many people are thinking of Barrelhouse as a home for thier work. Thank you for your trust.

Check out the full infographic as an easy-to-read PDF. All that said, going through the submissions for the "Riot" section in Issue 15 and what we've got for "The 90s" online issue, 2015 is already looking bright.