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Online Short Fiction Workshop with Barrelhouse Editor and Writer Dave Housley

NOTE: This workshop is currently full. If you’d like to be on a waitlist, email yobarrelhouse at gmail dot com and include the subject line “online fiction workshop.” Sorry about that! Check back for more workshops coming soon.

Online short fiction workshop with Barrelhouse Editor and writer Dave Housley. This is an 8 week workshop that starts on January 6, 2019 and ends on March 3. Participation is limited to 12 people and every participant will have a chance to workshop 2 stories. 

How Does it Work? 

These are online workshops, so, you know, everything is online. Participants don’t have to be in a certain place at a certain time. They log in to the workshop space throughout the week, whenever convenient for them. We’ve had workshop participants from all over the world.

Work is generally posted every week, and each participant posts their comments to that week’s discussion board. Discourse grows during the course of the week, ideally very similar to a face-to-face workshop. At the same time, we frequently have a number of discussions happening on various topics, including general writing-related and publishing issues and questions, to very specific elements of craft. The workshops are run using the Canvas learning management system, a state of the art, cloud-based solution for online education (we use the free version, because it is free ;-). 

Reviews of Previous Workshop:  

From the evaluations of our last online fiction workshop with Dave Housley: 

"Comments on stories were generally very thoughtful and constructive. Comments from the workshop leader were thoughtful and constructive, but also in-depth and detailed, carefully deconstructing the story and making precise suggestions for improvement. Workshops always depend on the quality of the participants and the leader and in this case, both were excellent. I also thought the discussion boards on craft were helpful and the many links to articles were very useful. Limiting the workshop to 12 participants made it manageable in terms of reading and feedback, and gave each participant the chance to present 2 stories. That is good value for the fee." 

"I thought it was as strong of a class as other independent workshops I've taken, and better than undergraduate workshops I have taken in the past. People were committed, intelligent, and knew what they were talking about. The feedback was varied and in-depth, and the related conversations about plot, revision, submitting, etc. were also very valuable. If someone were interested in taking the workshop, I would emphasize the value: The price is the fraction of the cost of even an affordable college class, but the experience was much better, in my mind. Eight weeks for two hundred dollars is incredibly cost-effective."



About Dave Housley

Dave Housley is one of the Founding Editors of Barrelhouse. His first novel, This Darkness Got to Give, was published in 2018. His fourth collection of short fiction, Massive Cleansing Fire, was published in February 2017 by Outpost 19 books. His first novel, This Darkness Got to Give, is coming later in 2017 from Pandamoon Publishing. His other books are If I Knew the Way, I Would Take You Home (Dzanc Books), Commercial Fiction (Outpost 19), and Ryan Seacrest is Famous (Impetus Press, Dzanc Books eBook Reprint Series). His work has appeared in Hobart, McSweeneys, Mid-American Review, Quarterly West, Wigleaf, and some other places. A few links to stories are included below. He's also one of the co-founders and the organizer of our conference, Conversations and Connections, which is held in DC in the Spring and Pittsburgh in the Fall. He lives in State College, PA and works at Penn State University. 

A few stories you can check out online: 

Lawn Man at Little Fiction

What We Talk About When We Talk About Aliens at Split Lip. 

Rockabye in Redux (originally published in Hobart; okay, Dave has published a lot of stuff in Hobart ;-)

State Farm at Hobart

McDonalds at Hobart

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