Online Workshops

Barrelhouse runs online fiction and poetry workshops for writers who are looking to hone their craft in a professional, fun, and encouraging environment. Participation is $200 and proceeds go to Barrelhouse and our guest instructors. Workshop space is limited to 12 participants. Our next workshop, a Fiction Workshop with Editor and Writer Dave Housley, starts January 8, 2017 (NOTE: This workshop is currently sold out). 

How Does it Work?

These are online workshops, so, you know, everything is online. Participants don’t have to be in a certain place at a certain time. They log in to the workshop space throughout the week, whenever convenient for them. We’ve had workshop participants from all over the world.

Work is generally are posted every week, and each participant posts their comments to that week’s discussion board. Discourse grows during the course of the week, ideally very similar to a face-to-face workshop. At the same time, we frequently have a number of discussions happening on various topics, including general writing-related and publishing issues and questions, to very specific elements of craft


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