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Barrelhouse started auspiciously in a Washington, DC bar in 2004, in between discussions of Snoop Dogg, Patrick Swayze movies, and the difficulties of getting published in literary magazines. Like a great bouncer/philosopher, Barrelhouse magazine delivers accessible reading with a smart twist.

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The Riots Issue

2015 turned "riot" into a term that usually followed "Quiet" to actual Things that made the news and boiled over with passion and politics. Riots aren't a new thing (Wikipedia says the first recorded riot was after the assassination of Julius Caesar, and we're betting there were a few before then), but we decided that it would be a topical theme for our latest issue. 

Also: our thoughts on submission fees (spoiler: still against), updates to the Barrelhouse crew, and superb pop flotsam and cultural jetsam from our fine contributors. 


Dana Can, Kazumi Chin, Erin Costello, Kristi Costello, Heather Cox, Tracy Dimond, Bryan Erwin, Roberto Garcia, Jacklyn Janeksela, Jason M. Jones, Tolonda Henderson, Jenn Koiter, erica lewis, Matthew Lippman, Tony Mancus, Rebekah Matthews, Charlotte Seley, Jenny Shank, Justin St. Germain, Maribeth Theroux, Nicole Walker, Holly M. Wendt

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