Not Your High School Girlfriend

Dispatches from the corner of Hollywood and Motherhood


Self-Portrait with Hollywood Kid


 By Mia Sara



his poppies,
scorched, staggered by the foothills

of late term adolescence, parched
by the desiccating dream glare.

No wonder the addiction
to shadows. My stolen child, choking

on Nirvana

I’m not gonna crack I’m not gonna crack
I’m not gonna crack

We had better bridges
in Brooklyn, choicer constructs

for getting high

and rivers deep enough
                                    to mock oblivion.

Self-destruction is thirsty work,
harder to pull off in a desert.

My brackish youth I spat out,
a tribute to the bottom of the Hudson.

His cup is still half full
                                    but he will not drink.

He’ll have to learn to swallow
his rage on a dry throat.

Mia at AWP Los Angeles

Mia at AWP Los Angeles

Mia Sara used to be an actress, but recovered her senses and now she writes. Her work has been published in Superstition Review, Helix, poemmemoirstory, The Summerset Review, PANK, the Write Room, among many others. Her chapbook, Mid-Life With Gorilla was published by Dusie Press, and she had a long running column “Wrought and Found” for PANK Magazine. She lives between New York City and Los Angeles with her husband, Brian Henson, and her children. Read more from Mia at her website.