Contributors' Notes to Frosted Tips Review: A Journal of Literature and Art by Anne Valente and Joshua Finnell

ANIRUDDHA AGATE received his MFA from the post office in Hippo, Kentucky. His work has appeared on the shoelace of a 1991 L.A. Gear high-top sneaker, inside the last acorn
stored by a wintering chipmunk, and in a cluster of thistles blooming on Vince Vaughn’s
front lawn. He is currently at work on a handstand.

SOMA CALLAHAN was forged from the wax of a Crayola crayon smashed beneath a toddler’s pinkie toe. Her work has appeared on the tip of a melting glacial cap, inside the Keebler elves’ treehouse, and in the foghorn blast of a seabound tugboat. She currently lives on the curve of Dave Coulier’s earlobe with her partner and two slap bracelets.

MARLAINE DOTY is web editor at Warner Brother’s where her main duty is maintaining the official Space Jam website. She also answers fan mail for the jumping frog of Calaveras County. She currently resides beneath the tongue of a shoehorn.

PENNY FARLEY was born and raised in a proton. Her short stories, prose poems, and creative non-fiction have appeared or are forthcoming in an unopened fortune cookie, the sweat  dripping from Olden Polynice’s forehead, and a broken Swatch from the set of Parker Lewis Can’t Lose. Since 2004, Penny has maintained the definitive GeoCities Jamie Kennedy Appreciation Page.

DAVEY HIGGINBOTHAM teaches creative writing during adult swim at the community pool. An excerpt of his forthcoming debut novel, Toenails Pointed West, appeared in the closing credits of a 1987 episode of Days of Our Lives. His short stories have appeared in a haunted pillowcase, an empty chamber of Cowboy Curtis’s pistol, and a half-eaten pack of Chuckles. He lives in the 15th edition of Encyclopedia Britannica, somewhere between Geomorphic and Immunity, with his wife and three snowglobes.

ALTHEA JEFFERSON currently resides in the plumed tophat of the Ohio State Marching
Band’s xylophonist. Her poetry appears in a motorcar of Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, under the18th window of Steve Buscemi’s holiday advent calendar, and inside the peel of every Dole banana at a Safeway in Denver. She is currently working on a three-volume biography of Conchita, Juan Valdez’s coffee-toting mule.

JEFF NGUYEN’s multimedia installations have appeared inside a pair of paparazzi binoculars peering into Stephen King’s window, atop the wooden steeple of a yellow warbler birdhouse, and in the whipped-cream eye of an IHOP Funny Face pancake. He once collaborated with the Hamburglar on a jumping castle for roly polies and fire ants.He shares a studio with Princess Toadstool inside every NES cartridge of Super MarioBros. 2.

DAMIAN WOLF is the author of the bestselling travel memoir, Missives from the Mini-Fridge, about his year stowed away inside an egg carton on Skid Row’s tour bus. His essays appear on the mouse bones of dissected owl pellets, inside the chlorine filter of Schlitterbahn Waterpark’s lazy river, and on the only orange suitcase whirling around baggage claim 9 at LAX. 

Joshua Finnell is the Scholarly Communications Librarian at Los Alamos National Laboratory. His work has been published in Library Philosophy & Practice, New Library World, Banango Street, Long Division: A Magazine of Inquiry & Art and Journal for the Study of Radicalism.

Anne Valente is the author of the forthcoming novel, Our Hearts Will Burn Us Down (William Morrow/HarperCollins, 2016), and the short story collection, By Light We Knew Our Names (Dzanc Books, 2014). She teaches creative writing at Santa Fe University of Art and Design.