haiku republicans, by Steven Rugel

loveth thy neighbor
but not as much as yourself!
christ was no commie

politics deals with
which man gets what, how and why
(and who gets left out)

winston s churchill
bequeathed his habits to us

for the love of man
someone please disarm iran!
they do not trust us!

for the love of christ
someone please disarm them twice!
we do not trust them!

ron paul's barney fife
“we need to disarm ourselves!
we are not peaceful!”

mitt romney atom bomb for jesus
(what i thought as i watched
mormon mitt romney's acceptance speech at the rnc)


american voters
reaaaaaally want to give full control
of the united states of america's nuclear arsenal
to a man who believes he can bring jesus christ back?
well...do they?


mitt romney believes that if the mount of olives is split in two
- which mount splitting he as president could do with one missile -
jesus comes back to earth in all his glory with an army of angels
he returns to reign over the world for 1000 years of blissful peace!

(half the world ruled from missouri through the mormon church
you know, joseph smith's ministry, he brings holy laws to you
from his backwoods ozark hillbilly garden of eden hq in missouri
the other half of the world is jesus ruling what's left from jerusalem)

does the american voter really want
a book of mormon believing
joseph smith preaching
apocalypse awaiting
mormon president
who believes that
to save the world
he must simply
one missile launch
one tiny mountain split?

Steven Rugel is a poet with a political science degree currently living in Decatur, Georgia.