Spell (for the very now)

 By Leah Umansky

Prompt by Kevin Fanning: The lighting of the chanukiah is a spell in 8 parts. What is tonight's spell?

Observe where you stand; It is yours.
It is a murdering of kindness, a forgiveness of some
and it is out of the question to teach to our

Bless the questions of love; the unseen
the way the city threads
not all steps are equal,
Life knows its turns, and it is easy to hold oneself

This is a sparked spell, this spell of story, of all of our
A prayer for a life in progress spinning out into one long

Let the fierceness of our waning bow down and then
It is the braiding of light and the purposing of
this candle lets out the darkness.
Bless the wanderers and the stopped, our chances and our

To be held. We all want to be held. It is a daring

Leah Umansky is a poet, collagist and teacher in New York City. She is the author of the Mad-Men inspired chapbook, Don Dreams and I Dream and the full-length collection Domestic Uncertainties.  Her dystopian-themed chapbook, Straight Away the Emptied World¸ is forthcoming from Kattywompus Press in 2016. She also runs the COUPLET reading series in NYC.  Her poems can be found in such places as POETRY, Thrush Poetry Journal, Barrow Street and MAGMA.  More at http://leahumansky.com